• Reebok ZR8 Treadmill Review

What is the Best Running Machine Available for 2017?

A treadmill is a big purchase, so you want to make sure that you are getting the right one. With so many on the market it’s difficult to know which one to choose. Make the wrong choice and a poorly made item will end up sitting unused in the spare room for years to come. However, get the right one and you can be sure to get years of use and enjoyment from it. We looked at four of the treadmills Reebok currently offers and one cost effective Roger Black model to compare and contrast the different models. Reebok is a popular choice with those looking for an at home gym. They are a well known brand providing great quality sports equipment and clothing. They are priced a little higher than some of the budget brands, but this..

reebok zr8 treadmill

Reebok ZR8 Treadmill Review

After a few weeks of using this compact model, we would so highly recommend this treadmill to any with an interest in running, beginner or professional.

It’s exactly what we were hoping for with just enough bells and whistles to keep us entertained. Very solidly built, a great machine and we’re very happy with it. Installation was very easy.

reebok zr9 treadmill

Reebok ZR9 Treadmill Review

This treadmill is totally solid, super easy to use and set-up. We were looking for something simple and practical to suggest and the reebok zr9 delivered.

We’ve had it for approx. 2 months now and it hasn’t let us down once in that time. This running machine looks sleek and modern. It's incredibly well built and includes a larger running deck.

reebok zr10 treadmill

Reebok ZR10 Treadmill Review

The reebok zr10 is perfect for beginner and intermediate runners alike, it's a fantastic machine with great options, new features and a quality build.

Best of all, it is being sold at a mid-range price point.This treadmill has worked amazingly for us and folded away after use for easy storage. The built-in speakers are great for music.

roger black plus treadmill

Roger Black Plus Treadmill Review

If you are on a strict budget but still want a running machine that offers excellent quality, then the Roger Black Plus gives you a lot of value.

This model's got all of the basics you could ask for from a quality treadmill and then some extra features to go with that, such as its bluetooth music plyer and 14 pre-set programs.

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The ZR Series

The Reebok ZR Series is Reebok’s top of the range, flagship treadmills. They are of excellent build quality and are a real pleasure to run on. The range currently consists of the ZR8, ZR9 and ZR10 all of which we have reviewed here.

The main benefit of the ZR Series, aside from the superior build quality and quite frankly mind blowing number of settings, is the ZigTech Cushioning Technology which these treadmills use. ZigTech has been specially created to absorb and disperse the energy that would usually be directed back up into your body after every impact your foot makes with the surface. This technology reduces stress on your glutes, hamstrings and shins and enables you to run longer without discomfort in your legs. Having tried out the ZigTech Cushioning Technology we were very impressed with the results we saw.

Reebok ZR8 Treadmill

The first model we looked at was the Reebok ZR8. The smallest of the ZR series, this model nonetheless packs a real punch in terms of style and functionality. With 24 pre set settings – the highest number on any of the Reebok treadmills, there is sure to be a work out to suit you here. Additionally, the incline is fully adjustable as you would expect from such a quality brand, and includes 15 levels of incline. Again, even the top of the range Reebok treadmills don’t have more than that, so you’re getting a really good deal here. The top speed of the this treadmill is 16kn/h which is more than enough for the average user, although if you’re looking for a faster model you might want to consider the ZR10 which can reach up to 18km/h, the fastest of the range.

The ZR8 has the smallest running area of all of the ZR series, however at 126 x 41cm, there’s still plenty of room for a person of average size and build to move around. We tested it out and found the space was adequate for its purpose. The average sized person probably wouldn’t need a larger running area, but this depends very much on your running style and your build. Additionally, the smaller running size of this model means that it takes up a lot less room both when erected and when folded away for storage. This may be a key consideration for someone with a limited amount of usable space available.

The ZR8 is a stylish machine. It looks professional and performs well for both running and walking. We tested it out and found no real issues with the performance and it is a perfectly adequate machine for most home gyms. However, for those with a slightly larger budget, it may be worth looking at the ZR9 and ZR10 for the additional features they offer. Assembly time was very quick, with just a few screws to attach before it was ready to go. The parts can be very heavy though, so we would recommend two people setting up this treadmill together.

Reebok ZR9 Treadmill

The second treadmill we looked at was the ZR9 – the next step up in the ZR range. In terms of looks and performance it’s largely the same as the ZR8, however it did feel like a slightly better quality build which we were impressed by. Both models however were extremely sturdy and felt like great quality so this was a minimal improvement.

The ZR9 contains slightly less pre set programmes and levels of incline than the ZR8, a compromise for the addition of MP3 technology allowing you to listen to your music through the treadmill itself while working out. This is much more convenient than trying to figure out what to do with various cables and errant headphones trying to escape from your iPod! We felt that this was a nice touch, although not necessarily adding anything to the quality of the workout itself, it did make for a more pleasant overall experience and we all agreed it would encourage us to work out for longer. This really depends on what you need from your machine though, as the ZR9 contains just 16 pre set programmes and 12 levels of incline compared to the 24 and 15 respectively you will get on the ZR8.

The ZR9 does also include a slightly larger running area as you would expect with a space of 130 x 43cm available. This should be suitable for pretty much anyone who wants to use this machine and we would say the size here feels incredibly comfortable to use – you don’t feel boxed in at all and there is lots of room to move around. Like the ZR8, this treadmill is very quick and easy to set up. After attaching the few screws included in the box, the treadmill was up and running in minutes. Ask a friend to help you though – this treadmill is heavy and would be very difficult for one person to erect it alone.

Reebok ZR10 Treadmill

The final model in the ZR series is the ZR10. This machine is a beast! Top of the range, it contains all of the features available in the ZR8 and ZR9 with improved performance, speed and running area to boot. This model is for those runners who are serious about home fitness and with a machine like this they can expect serious results. Perhaps the average user wouldn’t need to purchase a machine with this level of specification, but for professional athletes for example, this treadmill would make the difference.

The ZR10 contains 24 pre set settings and 15 levels of incline - the same as the ZR8, but additionally it also utilises the MP3 technology that we were so impressed by with the ZR9. Maybe you can have your cake and eat it! The ZR10 also boasts the highest maximum speed of any of the Reebok treadmills at 18km/h, so if you’re looking for a high speed machine this is your best bet. The running area here is the largest of all of the treadmills as you would expect from a top of the range machine. At 132 x 45 the running area feels very roomy. It reminded us of running on a professional quality machine at a gym, which is never a bad thing.

As well as a noticeable increase in quality for this treadmill you are also looking at a noticeable increase in price. This may be worth it for some people, but for the average person, the differences between this and the lower level models does not necessarily justify the price so I would urge you to consider carefully what level of performance you need from your machine. Again, like the other ZR models, this treadmill is very quick and easy to erect using common sense and a few screws. Like the ZR9 though, ask a friend to help you as this machine can be very heavy.

Reebok iRun Treadmill

Stepping away from the ZR series, the next machine we looking at was the Reebok iRun. This treadmill is described as entry level, and with the smallest price tag and minimal additional features, it’s easy to see why. Don’t think that just because this is an entry level treadmill the quality will be lower though. Reebok have made a name for themselves by creating high quality sports equipment over the years and aren’t about to change that any time soon. The iRun may have less features than the other models, but it does still contain Reeboks excellent attention to detail and build quality. For someone purchasing their first treadmill this may well be the best option.

Firstly, let’s look at some of the stats. The iRun contains 7 pre set settings, 2 levels of incline, a speed range of 0.8-14kn/h and a running surface of 120 x 40cm. A lot less available in terms of settings and inclines than on some of the other machines perhaps, but in many cases do you really need more? For the first time hobbyist getting just started with running or the office worker with a sedentary lifestyle hoping to get a bit more exercise, this could well be the best way to start. It is small, inexpensive and easy to set up and run with.

We were impressed with the quality of the running surface. Although it does not utilise the ZR series’ ZigTech Technology, it has a well made and effective shock absorber surface which makes it a joy to run on. It doesn’t quite cushion the foot as well as with the ZR Series, but it’s still a lot more comfortable than running on a pavement and beats a lot of the entry level treadmills on the market.

The best thing about the treadmill is the lightweight design and easy storage. It folds quickly and takes up very little room, even less than the ZR8, making this the best choice for someone with limited available space. It’s easy to put away behind the furniture and is light enough for just one person to move it. Additionally, the iRun was by far the easiest to set up. Like the ZR Series it contains a few screws in the box and some common sense to figure out where to attach them (or just look at the instructions!) However this was the lightest and easiest and one person would be able to manage this alone very easily.

So Which is the Best Reebok Running Machine?

Which treadmill you choose really comes down to personal preference and how you want to use it. We hope we have laid out the best and worst features of all of the treadmills here to help you make an informed choice. If you really can’t make up your mind, here are all of the treadmills again arranged in order of preference along with our reasons for these decisions. We thought long and hard about this – all the treadmills are great and each offers something unique to the user, so please do take our advice with a pinch of salt if you believe a treadmill other than our favourite is the right one for you.

We have based our rating on the life of an average treadmill user. Someone who works full time but is physically fit and likes to work out. They already have some experience of either using a treadmill or running outside. Perhaps they don’t have time to visit a gym, have nowhere suitable to run nearby or just prefer to work out at home. They are not a professional athlete, but health is very important to them. They don’t have a lot of space for a home gym, but are not necessarily so cramped that they are looking for the smallest machine on the market out of necessity. If this sounds like you, read on.

So the top machine we could buy in this situation? For us it’s the ZR9. We loved all of the treadmills we tried, but the ZigTech Cushioning Technology on the ZR Series really took our breath away. It’s like running on clouds. Our legs have never felt so good after a run before. All three of the machines in the ZR Series are remarkable, but for us the ZR9 comes out on top. The number of settings, while lower than the ZR8 and ZR10 is more than enough for most people to work out with, and the inclusion of MP3 technology really makes all the difference in this case.

In second place we would put the ZR10. Similar to the ZR9, this is a step up in performance and size. It contains everything the ZR9 does with extra settings, speed and size. It is a machine for a professional or someone for whom fitness is a way of life. This machine does all but make you breakfast and it’s a real joy to exercise with. Third place, just because of the performance, size and weight of the treadmill we’ve decided on the iRun. We loved the size of this machine – it’s so easy to pack away and store, and takes just minutes to set up ready to run again. Lower end treadmills can be of variable quality so we were unsure about this one, but in terms of performance it’s comparable to much higher range and more expensive machines.

In fourth place is the ZR8. It’s still a great machine, but one of them had to come last. It has the ZigTech technology we loved so much on the other machines as well as a high number of settings and excellent performance, so even with this machine you’ll be getting a great quality treadmill that won’t let you down. The choice is yours, but I hope that this information we have provided here will be of some assistance in your search for the perfect treadmill. It’s well worth taking the time and effort now to make sure you get the right model for your needs. Your workout will thank you for it!

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