i Run Extra Notes

Last year, I was looking for a Christmas gift for my mother. She's 46 and she likes to keep fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle. She had a gym subscription for some time, but the place that she frequented had just gone out of business. Now don't think that she is Usain Bolt; it's just mild exercise that she does, in order to keep her weight under control and her muscle tonus. So, I thought I would surprise her and offer her something she could use to do sports, at home, not having to visit the gym every other day. First, I thought about a bicycle, but then I went online and found this treadmill and it was just what I was looking for.

Reebok's I-Run treadmill is not the most technologically advanced produced by the company. There are no sophisticated gizmos or satellite-tracked features on it, but it offers the most basic and important of health services: exercise. It's quite stylish, I might add. It has a slick, grey paintjob with a simple and elegant black console. The I-Run boosts plenty of power, the 1.75 HP engine being able to reach of fourteen kph. The internal computer also offers seven different programs: quickstart, three target programs and three pre-set ones. It's really a great machine and my mother genuinely enjoys exercising using the fast track program. Sometimes, I also use it, just to see whether my lungs are still in shape or not.

There are also two different incline levels available. As opposed to other treadmills, on the Reebok I-Run, you have to adjust the inclination manually, but trust me: it's worth it. My mum says that splitting the time allocated for exercise in two and running on different gradients helps work different sets of muscles and keeps you in better shape. There also a lot of technology put in this thing: the book says that several damping elements absorb the stress that would otherwise go to your joints and hips when running. The console is quite simple and easy to use (which my mother loves a lot), offering plenty of information on the state of the run (time, calories, speed, incline etc.) on a modern LCD screen mounted in the middle of the console. The screen is quite neat, as it can be adjusted depending on each person's height. That way, you can see the information, no matter how tall or short you are. The treadmill also has a pulse-reading system, with the sensors being placed on the handlebars.

The whole thing weighs only 60 kilos and was easy to install. The wheels that come out when it's folded are very handy in case you want to move it around your house. In any case, my mother said it was one of the best Christmas gifts she ever received and has being using the Reebok I-Run ever since. A great choice!