ZR 9 Extra Notes

The treadmill is operated using the console, making this bit the brains of the apparatus. The ZR9 boosts a modern console, with plenty of health and training indicators available, including speed, time, distance, pulse, calories and incline. The interface is user-friendly, with six display settings available, while the buttons are very easy to operate. The console also has installed speakers and an MP3 player, allowing you to listen to your favorite tunes while running, without any additional sound devices. The handlebars of the treadmill are not only confortable, but they also offer access to buttons adjusting the inclination and speed, allowing for a swift setting of the run you desire. Offering pulse measurement using a touch sensor, the console displays all the necessary information for you to always be in control of your body: speed, time, distance, calories, pulse, incline, chart profile functions.

Often, people complain that running on the treadmill causes their joints to hurt and, on the long term, their hips are affected. Not to mention the leg problems that might occur. Reebok thought of this and tried to solve this issue, patenting the ZigTech innovative technology. ZigTech basically helps cushion the force launched every time you run on the treadmill. Once your foot has touched the ground during your exercise time, the whole weight is bounced back into your lower body. This happens because the running deck is built from a special material and, more importantly, it's shaped in zig zag. The energy received by the deck when the foot touches it is dispersed quickly, reducing pressure on the knees and hips.

With regard to the training options, the Reebok ZR9 offers plenty of options, both for those who have a good physical condition and those who don't, but would like to. Similarly, the ZR9 is widely appreciated by gym owners and athletes around the world. One of the best treadmills produced by this famous American firm, the ZR9 offers all the modern functions that can be placed on this type of device. The engine is a heavy-duty two HP motor, offering running speeds ranging from one to sixteen kph. Reebok also responds to people's needs to run on steep gradients, offering twelve electronic incline levels. Moreover, the treadmill incorporates sixteen different running programs, perfect for both your daily training and more demanding exercises.

One of the biggest advantages of the Reebok ZR 9 treadmill is that it's quite light (79 kg) for this type of device and it's easy to set up and fold. This allows for the treadmill to be stored after each use, facilitating a better use of space in your house. Lack of space is one of the most often mentioned reasons why people don't buy treadmills at home. Well, Reebok solved this issue. To end, the ZR 9 is the perfect choice, both for amateur and professional sportsmen and women looking to create their own training schedule and save time by exercising in the comfort of their houses.