Roger Black Plus Notes

Five years ago, I started a gym business in East London. I was always passionate about working out and I've been going regularly to the gym for the past ten years. I had just changed jobs and received a handsome compensation bonus, so I thought that starting my own business would be a good idea. It took me nearly one year to set-up the gym and that's when I learnt how important it is to choose your equipment suppliers smartly. I had loads of problems with the treadmills, mostly due to the low quality of parts and assembly. So, recently, I thought of changing the whole set and buying newer, better ones. After consulting with some of my buddies and taking a look online, I found the Roger Black Plus treadmill on sale. It seemed ok, so I ordered five brand new pieces of this model. After six months, I can say I could not have made a better choice.

This fantastic treadmill offers plenty of exercise options for the entire range of people visiting the gym, from overweight amateurs, to highly experienced athletes. Weighing only 61 kg, they don't put a lot of strain on the gym floor, their compact shape making them an ideal fit in my small, neighborhood business.

The Roger Black Plus offers sixteen programs, including one manual and ten pre-set. My customers have stated that pre-set program number three is their favorite, because it offers the perfect balance between speed and burnt calories. Each user can choose from three pre-defined settings for their workout, bringing the personalization of a run to another level. The elevation is variable, via a button placed on the console. The inclination can vary between 0 and 6%, leaving a lot of room for ambitious runners to combine speed and steepness. Top speed is 12 kph, fully provided by the 1.5 HP motor installed in the front of the treadmill.

The console is state of the art, featuring Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. A lot of people connect their smartphones or tablets to the treadmill and listen to music on it. There's also a classical jack connection available for phones that don't support Bluetooth 4.0. The console comes equipped with holders for iPad and iPhone, a convenient space for users to leave their technological equipment. The information shown on the console screens is more than enough to give one a good idea on how their run is going: speed, distance, time, calorie and pulse. Each of Roger Black Plus' handlebars is equipped with a pulse-measuring sensor.

To end, I can't even say in words how happy I am with the choice I made. The Roger Black Plus turned out to be a great piece of gym equipment, offering all the features a modern person might look for when doing cardio. I strongly recommend it to other users!