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High Voltage Power Supply

High Voltage Power Supply
Written by Rachel Walmsley

A high voltage power supply isn’t just for the industrial businesses of the world. Many homes have what is considered to be high voltage power supplies as well. There are many reasons that we need the extra energy but until I did a little research I had no idea how much energy one little household uses every day.

When do you need extra Power?

The average home runs on what is explained by my insightful husband to be a 220 line. While this actually means little or nothing to me I discovered that a home will also use high voltage power supply as well. I only know this because the numbers speak for themselves.

Appliances can take a toll on your electric energy in your home. Basically, anything that heats up will pull more energy. This does not mean that your oven will only work on a high voltage power supply. It simply means that it uses more energy than you television will because it requires a lot of heat.

Some homes will incorporate a high voltage power supply if there is a need for the extra energy. You may know someone who works out of his garage. Many of these small businesses require machinery that uses more energy. The common level used in this environment is a 440 line.

I was surprised that a home could use double the energy for appliances and items like welding machines. The high voltage power supply is necessary if you are using products like a welding machine because, of course, the heat required in making the product work. The average home runs on a 220 but some need a 440 line if they are using such equipment.

Industrial or Commercial Usage?

The heavy duty high voltage power supply is anything above the 440 line. My husband works in sheet metal and he is familiar with the extra heavy machinery that requires more juice than your common appliances. You won’t find this high voltage power supply in a residential home but you will come across it in industrial plants.

The sheet metal working machines that use the extra energy include forming machines. These machines take a lot of electricity to run because of the strength necessary to form the big sheets of metal. The high voltage power supply helps the forming machines do their jobs.

Industrial products like a press brake and roll machines that are used to cut and shape the metal will also rely on high voltage power supply sources to get the job done. I guess that my oven isn’t really using all that much after all.

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